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Hail & Storm Repair Services

  • Free & thorough inspection of roof for storm damage and roof hail damage.
  • Inspection covers roof shingles, gutters, skylights, flashing, vent hoods, vent stacks, chimney caps & chimneys.
  • Free estimates for all recommended roof repairs.
  • Prompt, expert repair and/or replacement of storm-damaged roof elements.

Falling hail attracts a lot of attention. As fascinating as you may find hail as it is in the process of falling, you may not be so thrilled once the storm is over and you see the damage it can do to your property. It is important to have a professional inspect your roof, gutters, windows, and home exterior after major storms, including hail storms. Even if you do not believe your home sustained damage, often hail damage can be hard to detect without a trained eye.

Here at Rembrandt Roofing and Restoration, we will perform a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home, as well as an inspection of your current ventilation to identify existing moisture problems or leaks. If our consultant determines that your property has sustained hail damage, we will give you information of how Rembrandt Roofing and Restoration can meet those needs. If your property is determined to have no hail damage, you will have peace of mind knowing your home has held up against the storm.

Our storm damage consultants are trained to professionally inspect your home at no cost and no obligation. Schedule a free estimate today in Dayton, Springboro, Beavercreek, and nearby Ohio!

Learn about how hail is formed

Hail is produced during cold fronts from thunderstorms in the central area of a cloud. They form as small ice pellets that combine with water drops at 8,000 to 10,000 feet. They whirl to colder regions of the cloud by updraft winds. Winds of 20 miles per hour can create hail that is about a ½ in diameter and winds at 100 miles per hour can create softball sized hail.

Hail damages different roofing materials in different ways

Experience in roof inspections following hail storms has educated roofing contractors and insurance inspectors about how hail damage affects different roofing materials. Not surprisingly, hail damages different roofing materials in different ways.

Roof hail damage can also vary greatly from one part of a house roof to another. This variation is due primarily to the wind that drives the hail. A glancing blow will do less damage than hail that impacts the roof at close to 90 degrees.

  • Hail damage to asphalt shingles: Shingles can have broken or cracked tabs, but the most common hail damage takes the form of crushed or dented areas where granules are forced into the shingle mat material or displaced entirely. Since granules protect the shingle from UV degradation, hail dents can result in shortened shingle life. This damage usually qualifies the homeowner for an insurance claim.

  • Hail damage to wood shingles: Wood shingles can crack from hail impacts. Cracking will be along the grain, and can cause parts of shingles to break loose.

  • Hail damage to slate roofs: Hail impact can crack slates, although cracks tend to be more random than with wood shingles. Some slates may break loose from their fasteners and slide off the roof.

We respond quickly to repair hail damage and prevent roof leaks

The high winds that often accompany hail storms can cause blow-off damage that should be repaired right away. Hail-damaged roof shingles may not cause a problem for months or years, but it’s wise to call your insurance agent as soon as possible to see if the damage merits roof repair or roofing replacement. We provide free inspections and estimates for hail damage repair in Springboro, Dayton, Beavercreek, and surrounding areas throughout Greater Dayton. Give us a call or get an online quote today! 

No matter what Mother Nature throws your way, Rembrandt Roofing and Restoration's roofing services can provide peace of mind and help protect your home against the elements.

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